Let’s work towards a better life by achieving Sustainable Development Goals


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Entry Deadline:
July, 2022 12:00JST

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The goal of the Best Life Award is to actualize the idea of leading a stable, safe and comfortable life.

Since our establishment, ORTHOMEDICO, Inc., as a researcher, has been working on the research of developing a brighter future where people's lives are safer, more stable and pleasant, from the perspective of "food", which plays an important role in studying the human body and fundamentals of life. Needless to say, the ultimate goal is to make people lives safer, more stable and more pleasant. Nowadays, various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been set up to resolve social issues globally and create a brighter future for the world as a whole. Ever since the founding of our company, we believe that by achieving the SDGs, people can lead better lives. It is impossible to truly assess the effects and impacts of development on people unless it is evaluated on human subjects. Since what we do best is testing of the effects and impacts of food products on human subjects, we are now looking for partners who would like to benefit from our know-how and join us in achieving these SDGs.

Do you want to realize your idea using our knowledge and technical know-how, together with a prize money for research support of a total of 30 million yen?

Over the years, we have been helping many businesses in developing and analyzing their products by organizing questionnaire surveys and clinical trials. Operating at a speedy and rigorous manner, we have worked in many of our own studies and collaborative studies with universities, and hence have covered many types of products in the process. We have also achieved a record number of clinical food trials registered to the Japanese clinical trial registration system, when compared to other companies with the same model type in the industry. (as of presently March 2022)
We hope to make use of our experience and records to benefit the world and better life.

BEST LIFE AWARD(ベストライフアワード)

The Best Life Award is a project with the objective of helping individuals or organizations who are engaged in developing ways to improve people's QOL, realize their underused ideas.

The main targets of the 30 million yen research support fund are individuals and organizations such as local small businesses that are planning researches with the aim of improving people’s QOL. Selected candidates can feel free to use the fund in any sort of project.

Target areas:

  • Food
    (Raw material)
    Food raw materials that are seen as potential candidates in the contribution of maintenance and promotion of health and beauty.
  • Food
    (Final product)
    Food products that are seen as potential candidates in the contribution of maintenance and promotion of health and beauty (products which are sold already or scheduled for sale)
  • Epidemiological Survey
    National survey that aims at development of health maintenance
  • Confectionaries
    Food products that are seen as potential candidates in disease prevention and health promotion (confectioneries and snacks)
  • Daily necessities
    Products and technologies such as bathtub, toilets, sanitary, and textiles (clothing) that are seen as potential candidates in the contribution of improvement of QOL when used in living spaces
  • Health device
    Sporting equipment
    Healthcare device and sporting equipment that support the understanding of health status and lifestyle, or support the practice of health promotion
  • Specialty foods from Japan
    Specialty foods within prefectures of Japan


This project aims to support your research with the goal of making people's life safer, more stable and pleasant through the provision of supportive research services. For this reason, applicants will have to outsource the following services to ORTHOMEDICO, Inc. in order to carry out their researches.

  • Questionnaire survey
  • Group discussion sessions
  • Clinical trial (Intervention study, observational study)
  • Academic writing
  • Agent for notification of "Foods with Functional Claims"
  • Establishment and management of research study groups
  • Nutrition survey (CAND)※1
  • Nutrigenomics service
  • International support※2
  • ※1 Only when using the “Calorie and Nutrition Diary (CAND)” developed by ORTHOMEDICO, Inc. [New Food Industry 2019;61(10):721-732.]
  • ※2 This is limited to products which have obtained clinical evidence overseas but yet to acquire clinical evidence of the same material using the same dosage regimen on the Japanese population.

Assessment method

Final decisions will be made by a selection committee consisting of the following judge members

  • Dr. Kazunaga Yazawa, PhD
    (Director of Department of Health Food, Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation, Waseda University)
  • Dr. Tsuyoshi Takara, MD
    (Director of Takara Clinic, a Medical Corporation of Seishinkai)
  • Dr. Sunao Kubota,MD
    (MD, PhD, SantamaMedical Co-op Kokubunji Clinic, Former professor at St. Marianna University)
  • Mr. Keiichiro Ando
    (Solicitor, Deputy Representative of Suda Law Office)
  • Funding
    One year in principle
    (November 1st,2022 ~ October 31st, 2023)
  • Entry fee
    Free of charge
  • Application method
    Application form (Please check the application form format.)
  • Application deadline
    31st July, 2022 12:00JST
  • Selection results
    Applicants will be contacted with the result of the selection by the end of August.
  • Awarding method
    Details will be sent to applicants together with the selection results.

Winners of 1st Best Life Award

The following 6 companies/organizations were awarded the 1st Best Life Award

Food (Final Product) Category

  • Company/Organization name EGAO Co., Ltd.
    Activity Supported Clinical trial (Intervention study, observational study)
    Research Topic Study on the development of food with functional food for the prevention of Metabolic Syndrome and frailty

Food (Raw material) Category

  • Company/Organization name Bio-Lab Co., Ltd
    Activity Supported Clinical trial (Intervention study, observational study)
    Research Topic Investigation on the promotion of absorption of nutrients through ingestion of killed lactic acid bacteria on human
  • Company/Organization name Yamasa Corporation, Biochemicals Division
    Activity Supported Clinical trial (Intervention study, observational study)
    Research Topic Study on the improvement effect of intake of Cytidine 5'-Monophosphate Disodium on the motor function of middle-aged adult and the elderly

Daily Items Category

  • Company/Organization name Wayo Women's University, Faculty of Human Ecology Department of Health and Nutrition
    Activity Supported Nutrition survey (CAND)
    Research Topic Impact of health literacy instructional interventions on the nutritional status among students enrolled in registered dietitian programme.

Health device/ Sporting equipment Category

  • Company/Organization name Yuurea Inc.
    Activity Supported Nutrition survey (CAND)
    Research Topic Study on the evaluation of nutritional status using urine test strips

Specialty foods from Japan Category

  • Company/Organization name Maple Laboratory Inc.
    Activity Supported Questionnaire survey
    Research Topic Research and Development of foods with functional claims with the ability of inhibition of sugar and fat absorption derived from Japanese native Momoji leaves