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Let’s work towards a better life by achieving Sustainable Development Goals


Summary of application

  • Funding
    One year in principle
    (November 1st,2021 ~ October 31st, 2022)
  • Entry fee
    Free of charge
  • Application method
    Application form
    (Please check the application form format.)
  • Application deadline

    10th Sep, 2022 12:00JST

  • Selection results
    Applicants will be contacted with the result of the selection by the end of September.
  • Awarding method
    Details will be sent to applicants together with the selection results.

Important notes on academic presentation and publication of research results

When making an academic presentation and/or publishing the results of the research sponsored by the BEST LIFE AWARD, please be reminded that such sponsorship should be stated clearly in the form as shown below.


This research was sponsored by the research grant, the BEST LIFE AWARD, from ORTHOMEDICO Inc.


The following 6 companies/organizations were awarded the 1st Best Life Award

Food (Final Product) Category

  • Company/Organization name EGAO Co., Ltd.
    Activity Supported Clinical trial (Intervention study, observational study)
    Research Topic Study on the development of food with functional food for the prevention of Metabolic Syndrome and frailty

Food (Raw material) Category

  • Company/Organization name Bio-Lab Co., Ltd
    Activity Supported Clinical trial (Intervention study, observational study)
    Research Topic Investigation on the promotion of absorption of nutrients through ingestion of killed lactic acid bacteria on human
  • Company/Organization name Yamasa Corporation, Biochemicals Division
    Activity Supported Clinical trial (Intervention study, observational study)
    Research Topic Study on the improvement effect of intake of Cytidine 5′-Monophosphate Disodium on the motor function of middle-aged adult and the elderly

Daily Items Category

  • Company/Organization name Wayo Women’s University, Faculty of Human Ecology Department of Health and Nutrition
    Activity Supported Nutrition survey (CAND)
    Research Topic Impact of health literacy instructional interventions on the nutritional status among students enrolled in registered dietitian programme.

Health device/ Sporting equipment Category

  • Company/Organization name Yuurea Inc.
    Activity Supported Nutrition survey (CAND)
    Research Topic Study on the evaluation of nutritional status using urine test strips

Specialty foods from Japan Category

  • Company/Organization name Maple Laboratory Inc.
    Activity Supported Questionnaire survey
    Research Topic Research and Development of foods with functional claims with the ability of inhibition of sugar and fat absorption derived from Japanese native Momoji leaves