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Let’s work towards a better life by achieving Sustainable Development Goals


Summary of application

Steps involved in the selection process

Target applicant

Individuals or organisations who are engaged in developing ways to improve people’s quality of life (QOL).

Conditions of application

It is assumed that the following Terms and Conditions have been agreed upon when submitting the application for BLA support.

  • (1)The supported project shall be performed in accordance with the principal goals of the BLA.
  • (2)The details of the supported project shall be decided by the BLA selection committee and the project shall be executed in line with the decision made.
  • (3)The supported project shall be carried out by ORTHOMEDICO Inc.
  • (4)Costs associated with any food and test products to be used in the supported project shall be borne by the selected company, institution, organisation or individual.
  • (5)All related laws, codes of ethics and regulations should be complied with in the course of the supported project.
  • (6)In the case where the supported project is deemed not feasible by the BLA selection committee due to unavoidable circumstances, the supported project shall be terminated.
  • (7)Despite the fact that the copyright of the deliverables produced as a result of the fulfilment of the supported project shall belong to the selected company, institution, organisation or individual, as ORTHOMEDICO Inc. is involved in the production of the deliverables, they shall also hold the right to freely use them.
  • (8)All personal data will be handled properly in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information as stipulated in the laws of Japan.
  • Funding
    One year in principle
    (November 1st,2023 ~ October 31st, 2024)
  • Entry fee
    Free of charge
  • Application method
    Application form
    (Please check the application form format.)
  • Application deadline

    6th Aug, 2023

  • Selection results
    Applicants will be contacted with the result of the selection by the end of August.
  • Awarding method
    Details will be sent to applicants together with the selection results.

Important notes on academic presentation and publication of research results

When making an academic presentation and/or publishing the results of the research sponsored by the BEST LIFE AWARD, please be reminded that such sponsorship should be stated clearly in the form as shown below.


This research was sponsored by the research grant, the BEST LIFE AWARD, from ORTHOMEDICO Inc.

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